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Sharing Hobbies

Want your partner to be close to you? Consider sharing hobbies. Appreciate each others’ passions and interests and your partner will stay close to you.

Just because people love each other, it doesn’t mean they have the same hobbies. Couples can either accept this hobby standoff as normal or they can work to appreciate what the other finds interesting.

Suppose the man loves cooking and the woman is an avid tennis player. Here’s three things each partner could do to go out of his/her way to show that the others’ activities have meaning:

What He Can Do

1. Offer to sign-up together for doubles tennis lessons and spend quality time improving your forehand, serving, and volley.

2. Surprise her with tickets to a professional tennis match.

3. Buy her a gift certificate to a local tennis shop or surprise her with a new outfit or racket.

What She Can Do

1. Offer to help with food preparation. Nothing says I love you like agreeing to chop broccoli or mince meat.

2. Give him a night off and offer to do all the cooking; maybe even try cooking one of his favorite recipes.

3. Attend a cooking class together to jointly experience his passion.

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