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Pure Romance

Focus on pure romance to rekindle the love you felt at the beginning of the relationship:

Plan Ahead
Make sure you and your partner are free the night of the intimate evening and stress is limited. If one of you has a big presentation the next day, choose an alternative evening.

Make Plans for the Children
If you have children, arrange for a babysitter, sleepover party elsewhere, or put the kids to bed early. An intimate evening should be between you and your partner, save the family events for another day.

Focus on Favorites
Think about your partner’s personal preferences. If he or she has a favorite food, cook it. If your partner likes to see you in a particular outfit, wear it. If your partner prefers a particular room in the house, spend the evening there.

Create an Ambiance
Music and candles can work wonders to transform an everyday living quarter into a romantic hot spot. Choose gentle music that softens the spirit and eases tension. Consider candles that emanate your partner’s favorite flavor or scent.

Utilize Surprises
You don’t have to blow the budget and surprise your partner with a cruise around the world. Instead, think about simple pleasures, maybe tickets to a concert, or a gift certificate to a favorite store. Deliver the gift creatively, perhaps on an entree platter as part of the meal.

Take it Slow
Life can move pretty fast, but this is the one night to slow things down and enjoy each other’s company. Hold hands, kiss playfully, dance to your favorite number; anything that brings back the memories of why you love each other.

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