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How To Write An Online Ad Posting

1.   Be honest about your age.
List your actual age; there’s no need to be defensive or dishonest.

2.   Use a realistic photograph.
Submit a quality, current photograph of yourself, but nothing that wildly misrepresents your actual appearance.

3.   Describe yourself accurately.
Answer questions honestly about your height, weight, race, religion, etc. Be accurate, not deceptive. Accurate: “I’m six feet, 180 pounds, with short brown hair and glasses.” Deceptive: “I’m an intellectual Adonis.”

4.   Come across optimistic.
Write in an upbeat style. Similarly, don’t apologize for posting. Be positive and assertive.

5.   Be brief and clear.
Format your posting so it’s easy to read. In other words, make your sentences and paragraphs brief. Also, don’t stuff your postings with words; that’s a turn off. Make sure you leave plenty of white space.

6.   Avoid spelling mistakes.
Spell-check your posting.

7.   Be clear about why you’re posting.
If the person reading your requirements doesn’t fit them, they shouldn’t waste their time reading further.

8.   Explain what makes you who you are.
Use adjectives and add detail, i.e., “I’m a playful 32 year old architect who likes to relax by reading mystery novels.”

9.   Share what you like best in a partner.
Don’t be negative or cruel. Instead, say what you want, i.e., “A guy who knows the difference between Monet and Manet, yet can also clean-and-press a 150 pound barbell.”

10.   When you respond to others’ posts, show them that you actually read what they wrote, and aren’t just turned on by their picture or physical description.

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