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How To Say I Love You

I love you is a powerful phrase and saying I love you is a big step in any relationship. Learn the right time to say I love you and give yourself the best chance of hearing “I love you too!”

1.   Do You Mean It? Decide if you really want to say “I love you” or if you have an ulterior motive. Escalating a relationship to the love phase for sexual, financial, or other secondary reasons only causes problems down the road.

2.   Will it be Reciprocated? Calculate whether or not you believe your partner is at the same juncture. If you partner is using phrases like, “I’m falling for you”, “I’ve never felt this way”, or “I could spend forever with you”, there’s a good chance your “I love you” will be reciprocated.

3.   How Will the Message be Delivered? Decide the best way to communicate the message based on you and your partner’s style. If your partner loves text messages or emails, consider a cyber-expression. If your partner is the spontaneous type, then mix the “I love you” into a fun-filled evening together.

4.   Can you Back it Up? Saying “I love you” for the first time will be more meaningful and impactful if you back it up with a few reasons. Tell your partner what you love about them, whether it’s their gentle spirit, passionate kisses, or optimistic outlook on life.

5.   Will you Take the Pressure Off? Your partner may respond positively immediately or they may be caught off guard and need some time to let the moment sink in. If your partner doesn’t respond right away, give it a chance. There’s no reason to cause a fight. Just because you’ve been planning this moment, remember it’s new and possibly out of the blue for your partner.

6.   Are you Ready for the Next Step? Don’t get fooled into believing all the pressure is lifted once “I love you” is on the table from both parties. Escalating a relationship to the “I love you” phase opens the door to discussing long term commitment and possibly marriage. Be ready for the next steps if you say “I love you”.

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