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How to Get the Girl

get the girl

Play to your strengths.
Everyone has a special skill, whether it is humor, musical ability, drawing skills, or athletic prowess. Think about your number one strength and incorporate it into your dating arsenal. If you can play the piano like Billy Joel, it won’t matter if you don’t look like Brad Pitt.

Model your successful friends.
Think about the three to five male friends you know who are successful in dating and relationships. Write down their names and two to three things each does to be successful. See if you can implement any of their ideas in your own dating approach.

Get a Makeover.
We’re not talking about radical, reconstructive plastic surgery here. But if you have one or two features (i.e., your hair style) that could be modernized, go for it. You’ll feel more confident and it will show on the dating scene.

Hire a dating coach.
Fitness centers are not the only place you’ll find a trainer. You can hire a personal dating coach to show you the way. You’ll have an objective voice to guide you on your dating adventures.

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