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How to Find a Boyfriend or Girlfriend

So you want to find a boyfriend or girlfriend but don’t know where to start? Here are five sure-fire tips and strategies to find a new boyfriend or girlfriend and begin a fresh relationship:

1. Consider How Your Friends Found a Boyfriend or Girlfriend.
Make a list of your ten closest friends and family who are currently in satisfying relationships. Next to each name, write down exactly how they met their current boyfriend or girlfriend. Choose the three ways that seem most likely to land you a partner and commit to implement those ideas in your own love life.

2. Join Two or Three Online Dating Services.
The days of negative steroetypes for online dating services are gone. Millions of people are finding that special someone in cyberspace. Research the sites out there and commit to joining the right online site for you. You’ll be dating before you know it and may very well find someone worthy of boyfriend or girlfriend status.

3. Sign-up for a Ski House or Beach House.
Depending on the climate where you live, sign-up for a singles-oriented ski house or beach house. Ask one of your single friends to join too. Most houses offer quarter, half, or full shares meaning you could be hitting the slopes or catching rays anywhere from four to 16 weeks this season. Plus, you’re bound to find one or two people in the house with relationship potential.

4. Join Niche Dating Sites or Services.
Dating services and online dating sites are becoming more and more sophisticated and specialized. You can now find sites devoted to politics, religion, race, age, etc. Narrow your search to the site that fits your situation. You’ll vastly improve your odds of finding someone who meets your dating criteria.

5. Become a Blind Dating Machine.
You may wonder why having a drink with a total stranger is a good way to spend an evening? Because he or she could be the one! Thanks to TiVo, you won’t miss your favorite episode of Desperate Housewives or Survivor. So get off the couch and start meeting new people. It only takes one!

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