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Cheap Dates & Romantic Ideas!

cheap dates

Can’t think of anything FUN to do? Here are a couple of ideas to do with some friends, or that special “friend” you won’t admit you are actually more then just “friends” with:
-go X-Bowling (a.k.a. disco bowling)
-pack a basket full of yummy treats and go to a pretty park and have a picnic
-go to Starbucks and grab a latte
-rent canoes and paddle around in the nearest lake/river
-play tennis
-get a pick-up game of basketball going w/ the boys (or girls, or both)
-go to a place where you can paint your own dishes or cups, and create a masterpiece with some of your friends to cherish for years to come
-go on a ferry ride without your car and just walk around when you get to the other side
-go in someone’s hot tub
-dress up all fancy and go to a play, opera, symphony, or just a nice place for dinner
-play Twister or other fun board games from back in the day
-go for a walk
-have a dance party @ someone’s house
-take the bus to random places, get off, then study or read
-watch the sunset……………….then/or watch the sunrise
-go to the zoo
-go to old diners anytime after midnight
-go camping
-bake together (deserts are really fun!)
-go to the laser show, or the IMAX
-go to the top of a really tall building downtown
-go to a baseball or hockey game
-go to the golf course (it is just using your 9 irons and putters, really easy and fun!)
-Go to the circus
-Go sightseeing in your own city, pretending to be tourists
-Have fun at an amusement park
-Visit an agricultural or environmental tourist attraction in your city. IE: biodome, aquarium, planetarium, arboritarium, botanical gardens, etc.
-Take your date to a haunted house
-Before Halloween, why not pick out a pumpkin together and carve it
-Take your date to a comedy club
-White water rafting is an EXCELLENT idea!
-Take a hay ride together
-Go clam digging or muscle/perwinkle picking together
-Take a ride in a hot air balloon
-Go horseback riding
-Take a one-time class together
-Go ice skating on a deserted pond
-Go for a hike
-Take a short pottery making class together
-Try shooting pool
-Go on a tour of a local industry
-Visit a museum
-In-line skating
-Go to a drive-in movie
-Go to a dance
-Go for a drive in the country
-Go out on a double date
-Buy a canvas and paint a picture together

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