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Best Pickup Line

Pickup lines are often viewed as cliche, pathetic attempts to pick up a lady in a bar or cafe. Many women have heard all the lines before and when a common line is sent their way it may actually lower their impression of you.

However, there is one line that never fails and this is your chance to learn it, try it, and become one of the few who actually succeeds in meeting new people through pickup lines.

The Situation
You walk into a bar and see two attractive women sitting at a table. You want to meet one, or both of them.

The Caveat
Before you approach the table, make one observation. Do the women look like they are at the bar to meet people? Do they look ready to flirt? The best way to tell is whether the women are facing each other, engrossed in conversation, or sitting on the same side of the table, facing out to the crowd. If the women are on the same side, facing the crowd, in all likelihood, they are at the bar to see and be seen.

The Line
Let’s assume there are no other empty chairs at their table. Walk up to them with an extra chair in your hand and put it down beside them. Point to it and say simply, “Pardon me ladies, is this seat taken?”

The Result
Nine times out of ten the women will be so impressed with your line they will ask you to join them. Even if they’re not impressed, the beauty of the line is that there is no possible way for the women to say the chair is taken. Why? Because you brought the chair with you!

Good Luck! I bet you’ll find yourself seated with new and interesting people all the time.

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