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Cheap Dates & Romantic Ideas!

cheap dates

Can’t think of anything FUN to do? Here are a couple of ideas to do with some friends, or that special “friend” you won’t admit you are actually more then just “friends” with:
-go X-Bowling (a.k.a. disco bowling)
-pack a basket full of yummy treats and go to a pretty park and have a picnic
-go to Starbucks and grab a latte
-rent canoes and paddle around in the nearest lake/river
-play tennis
-get a pick-up game of basketball going w/ the boys (or girls, or both)
-go to a place where you can paint your own dishes or cups, and create a masterpiece with some of your friends to cherish for years to come
-go on a ferry ride without your car and just walk around when you get to the other side
-go in someone’s hot tub
-dress up all fancy and go to a play, opera, symphony, or just a nice place for dinner
-play Twister or other fun board games from back in the day
-go for a walk
-have a dance party @ someone’s house
-take the bus to random places, get off, then study or read
-watch the sunset……………….then/or watch the sunrise
-go to the zoo
-go to old diners anytime after midnight
-go camping
-bake together (deserts are really fun!)
-go to the laser show, or the IMAX
-go to the top of a really tall building downtown
-go to a baseball or hockey game
-go to the golf course (it is just using your 9 irons and putters, really easy and fun!)
-Go to the circus
-Go sightseeing in your own city, pretending to be tourists
-Have fun at an amusement park
-Visit an agricultural or environmental tourist attraction in your city. IE: biodome, aquarium, planetarium, arboritarium, botanical gardens, etc.
-Take your date to a haunted house
-Before Halloween, why not pick out a pumpkin together and carve it
-Take your date to a comedy club
-White water rafting is an EXCELLENT idea!
-Take a hay ride together
-Go clam digging or muscle/perwinkle picking together
-Take a ride in a hot air balloon
-Go horseback riding
-Take a one-time class together
-Go ice skating on a deserted pond
-Go for a hike
-Take a short pottery making class together
-Try shooting pool
-Go on a tour of a local industry
-Visit a museum
-In-line skating
-Go to a drive-in movie
-Go to a dance
-Go for a drive in the country
-Go out on a double date
-Buy a canvas and paint a picture together

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How to Get the Girl

get the girl

Play to your strengths.
Everyone has a special skill, whether it is humor, musical ability, drawing skills, or athletic prowess. Think about your number one strength and incorporate it into your dating arsenal. If you can play the piano like Billy Joel, it won’t matter if you don’t look like Brad Pitt.

Model your successful friends.
Think about the three to five male friends you know who are successful in dating and relationships. Write down their names and two to three things each does to be successful. See if you can implement any of their ideas in your own dating approach.

Get a Makeover.
We’re not talking about radical, reconstructive plastic surgery here. But if you have one or two features (i.e., your hair style) that could be modernized, go for it. You’ll feel more confident and it will show on the dating scene.

Hire a dating coach.
Fitness centers are not the only place you’ll find a trainer. You can hire a personal dating coach to show you the way. You’ll have an objective voice to guide you on your dating adventures.

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How to End a Relationship

Don’t know how to end a relationship? Especially with a nice guy or girl? Here’s how to end a relationship and still let them down easy.

Here’s How:

1.   The spark is missing.
Tell the person you enjoy spending time together, but for whatever reason, you just don’t feel the spark.

2.   You don’t want to mislead the person.
Explain that you care too deeply about the person to ever lead them on, or make them feel the relationship has a chance to progress.

3.   Be encouraging.
Let them know they’re a great catch, will recover, and will meet someone new.

4.   Give positive feedback only.
Honestly answer any questions about the breakup. Don’t be nasty. Remember, they’re a nice guy or girl.

5.   Don’t blame the person.
Don’t in any way make them feel like the breakup is their fault. Let them leave the relationship believing it was a poor fit between the two of you.

6.   Tell him or her it’s not about them.
Make it clear that he or she doesn’t have any major physical or intellectual faults. Nice people have a tendency to analyze the breakup for months. If they think it has something to do with a hook nose or lack of knowledge about Renaissance painters, they’ll beat themselves up for years.

7.   Don’t continue getting physical.
Making a nice person believe there’s a chance to continue the relationship, when you have no intention of really dating them again, is just plain wrong.

8.   Deliver the message clearly.
If you think the person will have a hard time leaving you alone, be as clear and business-like as possible in communicating your message that the relationship is over.

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How to Succeed on Your First Date

First Date Etiquette

Follow these simple first date etiquette tips and you’ll greatly improve your chances of securing the all-important second date:

1.    Make a Backup Plan
The weather can change quickly, restaurants can close for renovations, and your tickets can turn out to be counterfeit. Have a backup plan in mind in case your date takes an unexpected turn.

2.    Plan a Short Date
No need to map out the rest of your lives together. Start with a simple, 1-2 hour date. If things go well, you can always extend the date. However, there’s nothing worse than being on an all-day tour when you realized five minutes into the date that you have no future together.

3.    Be Punctual
There’s no greater sign of disrespect than being late for your first date. Get directions to your location, arrive early, and show your date that you care about him or her and the plans you made.

4.    Agree on the Dress Code
When planning the date, talk about the dress code for the particular event. It can be embarrassing if one person shows up in a suit while the other wears jeans and a sweatshirt.

5.    Compliment, But Don’t Over Do It
A few nice words makes everyone feel special, but persistent comments about the other person’s looks, personality, body, etc., gets old and can seem desperate.

6.    Drink Responsibly
A few drinks may take the pressure off the date, but don’t pretend you’re at a fraternity party. Drinking too much will likely bring out some bad sides to your personality and that can’t help your chances.

7.    Balance Talking and Listening
Pay attention to the amount of time you spend talking versus listening. If the scale is weighing in either direction, look to balance it out.

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How to Find a Boyfriend or Girlfriend

So you want to find a boyfriend or girlfriend but don’t know where to start? Here are five sure-fire tips and strategies to find a new boyfriend or girlfriend and begin a fresh relationship:

1. Consider How Your Friends Found a Boyfriend or Girlfriend.
Make a list of your ten closest friends and family who are currently in satisfying relationships. Next to each name, write down exactly how they met their current boyfriend or girlfriend. Choose the three ways that seem most likely to land you a partner and commit to implement those ideas in your own love life.

2. Join Two or Three Online Dating Services.
The days of negative steroetypes for online dating services are gone. Millions of people are finding that special someone in cyberspace. Research the sites out there and commit to joining the right online site for you. You’ll be dating before you know it and may very well find someone worthy of boyfriend or girlfriend status.

3. Sign-up for a Ski House or Beach House.
Depending on the climate where you live, sign-up for a singles-oriented ski house or beach house. Ask one of your single friends to join too. Most houses offer quarter, half, or full shares meaning you could be hitting the slopes or catching rays anywhere from four to 16 weeks this season. Plus, you’re bound to find one or two people in the house with relationship potential.

4. Join Niche Dating Sites or Services.
Dating services and online dating sites are becoming more and more sophisticated and specialized. You can now find sites devoted to politics, religion, race, age, etc. Narrow your search to the site that fits your situation. You’ll vastly improve your odds of finding someone who meets your dating criteria.

5. Become a Blind Dating Machine.
You may wonder why having a drink with a total stranger is a good way to spend an evening? Because he or she could be the one! Thanks to TiVo, you won’t miss your favorite episode of Desperate Housewives or Survivor. So get off the couch and start meeting new people. It only takes one!